June 2, 2023

Your Weekly Healthy Habits Checklist

Do you ever start the week feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to do in the days ahead?

Do you sometimes get a jump on the worrying and start in on Sunday nights?

Between work and family commitments, how are you going to remember to exercise, at right, take time for yourself…?

That’s the worst. Been there, done that.

But we’re big believers in making lists to stay organized. And we noticed a big pressure relief when we started using a weekly checklist for our healthy habits.

This way, we’re sure to do a few things every day and a few more during the week that we believe are important for our health – eating right, exercising, meditation, calling a friend, getting outside, etc.

It’s not so much when you break it down daily.

Would you like to see our checklist so you can use it as your own? CLICK HERE

We hope it makes your life a bit easier this week and in the weeks to come. Let us know if it helps!

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