January 25, 2022

You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

We’re all special.


Wonderful, complicated, and sometimes challenging. That’s true.

But our challenges around living a healthy lifestyle are not so unique to each of us.

Many times we tell ourselves that no one else has the same problem we have with weight, so no one can relate or help.

Or that no one else knows how hard it is to exercise.

Or that we just can’t find time to manage stress, even while other people tell us that they manage to do so.

But guess what? Your struggles are the same as everyone else’s! We all find it a hard to eat right, make time for exercise, manage stress, and all the rest. The challenge is real – but it isn’t always unique to each individual.

This is true even for people like us – health & fitness professionals!

So, if you’ve ever thought, “It’s just so easy for him or her!” – We’re gonna tell you right now, that’s not the case.

The reason for this is that things only become easy after months or years of putting forth the effort, even when it’s hard.

And even then, it’s not necessarily easy because no one is motivated all the time.

So, the next time you think to yourself…

“Yeah, but I’m just not a gym person…”

“I don’t have time to prepare healthy meals…”

“My family just wouldn’t eat that way and I can’t be bothered to make separate meals…”

Know you’re not alone. So many of your fellow humans are facing the same struggles.

And understanding that brings a whole lot of freedom! It helps you avoid self-pity and empowers you to connect with others who share your goals.

So, now you get to decide what you’re going to do with your circumstances and goals.

Comment below and let us know!

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