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Are you supporting your team in their efforts to live a HEALTHY lifestyle?

Are you promoting a positive workplace culture that ENCOURAGES wellness?

As teams shift into a hybrid or fully remote atmosphere, Renov8 Fitness is helping companies and employers rethink how they can take care of their team, whether working from home or in the office. Investing in your team increases engagement, morale, and productivity.

How Can Renov8Fitness Help?

We offer virtual Workplace Wellness programs customized to your team’s needs and your priorities. Our approach includes initiatives that make health and wellness accessible to each individual.

As part of every health regimen, we can customize a way to check in with your team.

An example: 10-minute Zoom call every other week

We will build a community on your platform of choice. This helps your employees feel supported the whole time and know they are not in this alone.

An example: Weekly posts in your community

We provide your employees manageable tasks to do when outside the office, so they can arrive energized and feeling great!

For example: Monthly at-home workout that fits the theme of the month.

Work can be draining, especially with a full schedule outside of work. We work with your team to customize and fill in the gaps of work with energizing periods of activation that can help your teams’ productivity in the short and long term.

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Ready to prioritize the physical, mental, and emotional health of your team?

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