December 13, 2023

How to Stay Active in Winter

As the colder days settle in, the allure of cocooning under a cozy blanket is real. I get it; it’s tempting to let the day drift by in hibernation mode. But let’s not make that our winter anthem!

Even though I live is sunny Southern California, I still get cold, even without snow and below freezing temperatures 😉 But I do look forward to visiting my grandkids next month in the snow!

Here are some ideas to keep you moving and grooving all season long, whether you’re inside or out.

Indoor Workouts


      • Keep up your gym routines, but try something new, too. Hot yoga in winter, anyone?

      • Virtual reality headsets offer workout programs that get you good and sweaty in the actual reality of your living room.

      • Video rocks, now with more in-home workouts than ever.

      • Count your steps in the comfort of a mall or large retailer.

      • Dance Party! Crank some fun music and dance – alone or with others.

      • Use exercise equipment you have at home – like a stationary bike or a treadmill.

      • Create a home circuit workout. Get jiggy with housecleaning moves, bodyweight exercises, and stair climbing. The more creative the better!

    Outdoor Activities


        • If you live where it snows, shoveling the sidewalk and driveway is an AMAZING workout. And, you know, necessary.

        • Plus, there’s sledding and cross-country skiing… wide-tire bike riding and downhill skiing… figure skating and hockey… Winter sports are awesome. Find a league or local association.

        • Snowball fight! Get the kids and neighbors out there and go ballistic.

        • · Don’t be afraid of cold-weather cardio, like jogging, running, hiking and walking. Is it really too cold out? No way!

        • Remember to dress appropriately. Layer up and wear weather-appropriate gear. It’s the key to staying warm and enjoying every frosty adventure.

        • And drink water. Yes, even when it’s cold out. Hydration is a game changer for winter activity.

      Winter can be a wonderland of fun and a great time to discover new ways to stay active. Just be sure to get some sunshine to keep the winter blues at bay.

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