July 11, 2023

Why We Burpee!

There’s a fun new fitness event in Los Angeles! 

Think you can run a mile, 3 miles, or 5 miles? 

Can you do the same if you have to burpee along the way?

Find out at our 2nd annual Burpee Biathlon™ in Los Angeles, California!

What makes the Burpee Biathlon™ an amazing event is that it gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself in a new and different way!

  • Have fun treating your body to exciting exercise!
  • Work both your cardiorespiratory & muscular systems!
  • Strengthen your bones!
  • Accomplish something new!
  • Challenge yourself with your friends & family!
  • Make new friends who enjoy what you enjoy!

Join us today for our 2nd annual Burpee Biathlon on Saturday, September 9, 2023, at www.BurpeeBiathlon.com!

Note – We also have a modified version of this event so every fitness level can participate 😉

​Register at www.BurpeeBiathlon.com today as we are capping this in person event at 30 participants. You can also attend virtually anywhere in the world if you are not local to Los Angeles, CA!

Register now as there are LESS THAN 30 SPOTS AVAILABLE!

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