May 25, 2016

Which Blender Do You Use?

Blending your food can be very helpful if you struggle with healthy eating and consuming proper nutrients on a regular basis. Sometimes we struggle due to time constraints, a lack of food creativity and knowledge, or even a lack of funds. I tend to be in a rush a lot of the time so blending my post-workout shakes/smoothies comes in handy! Not to mention making some tasty dips, sauces and soups.

The blenders I use are 1) the Magic Bullet, 2) the NutriBullet, and 3) an Oster blender. One day I want to buy one of those higher-end, high-speed blenders that are easy to clean, but these do fine for me right now. The Magic Bullet is great when I need to make something in a small quantity such as a sauce or a marinade. The NutriBullet is powerful and perfect for making my smoothies and shakes. The Oster blender is best for bigger batch items such as making soups or blending thicker pieces of food.

After my workout, I blend these simple items to aid my muscle recovery and replenish the fluids and nutrients in my body:
• Renov8™ Fitness Whey protein sweetened with Stevia
• Water, almond milk or coconut milk to taste
• Frozen fruit for texture and to make it filling (optional)

Blend or shake it up and enjoy! What’s most important is that you remember to fuel your body after a workout. You’ll feel better and you’ll keep the benefits of your workout longer instead of depleting your system.

All-in-all, blending your food can help you increase your nutrient-intake and enjoy eating healthy, even while on a time crunch or having a tight budget. Which blender do you use? Comment below and let me know some of your favorite post-workout recipes!

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