February 26, 2020

When Enough is Enough

It’s only when we view the idea of staying the same as more painful than taking the required action to change that we can really transform.

For many of my clients, it’s been a clothing-related incident that’s made them step into action – everything from not being able to zip up pants to a full-on breakdown when they discover they’ve gone up a whole size since last spring.

For others, it’s a terrifying incident – bad news from a doctor, an unnecessary death from a family member…

Whatever the case is for you, you will only ever be consistent with your fitness & nutrition and achieve/maintain your desired result when staying the same is no longer an option for you.

If you’re not happy with your situation but you can live with it, the chances of you following through on the actions required to achieve your goals are small.

Working out is uncomfortable and sweaty. There’s soreness and exhaustion.

Changing your eating can be even harder and can even affect social relationships.

But if having a body you’re proud of and the health you deserve are the priority over staying comfortable, start taking small daily steps toward creating it.

  • Leave the sugar out of your coffee.
  • Walk up the stairs rather than taking the elevator.
  • Do squats while you’re watching TV.
  • Go to bed an hour earlier.
  • Order the protein and veggies over the burger and fries.

Every choice we make throughout the day adds up. And usually, it’s too much to try to do it all alone long-term.

Which is where I come in 🙂

If you’re feeling in your gut that enough is finally enough, it’s time for us to have a conversation. I bring empathy, compassion, and years of experience to coaching you through your transformation. But I also bring accountability, and I’ll call out your excuses and the things that have held you back for years.

This is why my clients get results like Rachele who lost over 10% body fat in her first month with me at Renov8 Fitness.

Or Sara, who weighs less now in her 40’s than she has since before she was married over 10 years ago!

Or Mikey, who is finally mindful about eating slower at every meal and realizes how good it is to slow down.

Or Laurie, who now eats more than she has in years and is finally seeing her strength develop as she conquers the Spartan Race obstacles by herself at age 64!

Or Min who started training with me before, during, and after her pregnancy and was able to prevent gestational diabetes, which she was prone to getting due to her family history. Even her doctor said she was amazed at how much stamina she had during delivery and her ability to use her deep core muscles as she pushed her little girl into this world, cutting down the usual delivery time for first time mothers.

And finally Jordan, who regained his passion for fitness and a lot of his old self, especially the competitive edge that had always driven him to do and get better in everything he does. He reached new limits that he never knew he had, especially in the Spartan Race world.

Wow! I apologize…I got really excited sharing my client experiences with you and I just kept on writing 🙂

My point being, is that my program is different from everything else you’ve tried because you get me…Heather Binns…your 1-to-1 coach providing a full container of support and personalization that far surpasses what you’ve experienced with any other group program.

How do I know this? Because my clients tell me every day and they are definitely the ones to know!

So, let’s talk. No obligation.

Comment below or email me at Heather@Renov8.Fitness and I’ll get you scheduled ASAP for a Strategy Session.

Just you and me, 1-to-1, either live online or in-person at Renov8 Fitness in North Hollywood.

It’s only when enough is truly enough that transformation occurs!

Have you had enough?

Heather Binns

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