This Client Questionnaire allows us to know more about your fitness history, nutrition habits, occupation & lifestyle, hobbies/recreational activites, and fitness goals.

Thanks and we look forward to coaching you!


History and Goals:

1. Are you currently involved in a fitness program?

Personal Fitness Coaching and Nutrition:

6. Have you ever worked with a personal trainer/fitness coach?

How many days per week are you willing to commit to your workouts?

7. How would you rate your eating habits and understanding of nutrition as it relates to your goals?

8. How many meals do you eat per day (inlcuding snacks)?

9. Do you currently take any vitamins or supplements?

Occupation and Recreation:

10. Does your occupation require extended periods of sitting?

11. Does your occupation require extended periods of repetitive movements?

12. Do you have any hobbies (ex: reading, gardening, working on cars, Internet surfing, etc.)?

13. Do you partake in any recreational activities (ex: golf, tennis, skiing, etc.)?

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