October 30, 2020

Wanna Play?

I absolutely LOVE getting to know the people in my audience and community better.

It’s truly one of the most fun parts of what I get to do.

So, let’s get to know each other better, shall we?

I want to know 3 things from you and I’ll share about me too

1. What are 3 things that scare you?

2. What are your top 3 favorite songs of all time?

3. Where are 3 places in the world you’d love to visit?

Here are mine!

3 things that scare me:

1. Jumping off of high heights

2. Horror films

3. Bugs and creepy crawlies

My 3 favorite desserts:

1. Apple crisp à la mode

2. Vanilla cupcake

3. Oreos

3 Places I’d love to visit:

1. Japan

2. Finland

3. Turks and Caicos Islands

I would LOVE it if you’d hit reply and share with me. I cannot wait to learn more about you!!

Heather Binns

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