February 7, 2023

Valentine’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Sugar Filled

You want to show love on Valentine’s Day. But you don’t want to spoil anyone’s healthy habits with a bunch of sugar-packed treats, right?

Show your love with these alternative gifts – for yourself or your Someone Special.

  • Sugar-free chocolates
  • Darker, more pure chocolates have less sugar (check the labels)
  • Heart-shaped “samplers” also come full of various healthy nuts. Seriously 🙂
  • Find a bakery nearby that includes low-sugar offerings made with healthier ingredients
  • Cherries, apples, plums and strawberries are among fruits with the best glycemic scores, so they’re less likely to cause sugar spikes

Of course, there are ways to be “sweet” without being literally sweet:

  • A nice meal at a favorite restaurant
  • A special glass of wine, cocktail or mocktail
  • Fresh flowers
  • Something sexy to share in private

With a little thought, you can send the right – and healthy – message to whoever you choose, or to let it be known what you’d prefer to a traditional sugary gift. We hope this helps you navigate yet another holiday!

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