October 18, 2019

Two Things I Can’t Stand

Contemplation. Indecision.

Two things I truly can’t stand.

Sure maybe when you’re buying a house or a car…

But not when it comes to your health and taking action.

Not when it comes to changing your life, living more vibrantly and getting stronger.

Getting the help you know you need.

Doing the scary thing by walking into a training studio or gym.

Taking the leap to get started in the first place.

My most successful clients are the decisive ones. The action takers. The ones who ask for help.

That’s also how I personally operate.

Where are you stuck in contemplation or indecision around your health & fitness?

What do you need to do today (not later because later never comes) to move forward to create the body and life you desire?

Heather Binns

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