May 4, 2021

Today is International Firefighter’s Day!

Hi there! This is Coach Heather Binns. Today we honor the firefighters who put their lives at risk for our safety and well-being every single day.

Not everyone knows this, but one of my dreams that I had since my 20’s was to become a firefighter.

I took Fire Science classes at Santa Ana College years ago (I was the only girl in my classes) and at the end of the program, I ran up and down the tower in my gear with a dead fire hose (no water running through it) and passed the physical fitness tests.

The next step was to put myself through the Fire Academy.  However, I put that dream aside because, at the time, I was a single mom of a young girl and didn’t have the means to 1) pay for the Fire Academy, 2) earn a full-time income, and 3) pay for childcare all at the same time.

Years and years went by, and I ignored that dream because I had already passed the age they allow to become a firefighter in California.

Later on, when I was 44 years old, I accidentally discovered through a random conversation that the age requirement for firefighting had been lifted.  I remember driving home in disbelief and eagerly looking forward to seeing what was now required to become a firefighter.

To make a long story short, I decided to go through all the steps and try to fulfill that dream from so many years ago.

In 2019, I successfully became a volunteer wildland firefighter with the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Crew 3 hand crew!

The whole process, along with the experience working with my crew, was an amazing one that I will never forget!  I truly learned a lot about myself, what I am able to accomplish, and how mentally tough I can really be! 👩‍🚒 🚒

So today, let’s all be grateful for those firefighters working hard for our safety and well-being.

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