June 18, 2021

Tips for a Healthy Summer

Everybody wants to have a happy summer. Vacations, sunshine, cookouts… So fun!

So, let’s share a few tips here for how to keep all those activities healthy.

The main things are simple:

  • Get outside

  • Exercise

  • Eat right

You know that already, but it can’t be said enough!

  1. Go for a walk every morning or evening, when it’s not too hot out. Take the dog, enjoy the solitude, or invite a friend. Walking works wonders. (And it’s outside!)

  2. Enjoy an outdoor sport, whether it’s something new for you or an old favorite: Tennis, golf, running, or swimming outdoors if you have that option. If you haven’t done it in a year, take it easy and work yourself back into it.

  3. Explore your city’s parks and trails. Even in a metropolis, it’s amazing the greenery you can find waiting right outside your door.

  4. Shop at your local farmers markets. You’ll be supporting your community as you stock up fresh fruits and vegetables for smoothies, salads, and grilling.

  5. Level-up your backyard cookouts with turkey, shrimp, chicken and veggie burgers. Toss some pepper slices and zucchini on the grill. Drink water or iced tea instead of sodas and beer.

  6. Connect with friends and neighbors you haven’t seen since The Before Times.

  7. Participate in community events like festivals and 5K/10K fun runs. Just watch out for the heavy fried foods that are often sold at festivals.

  8. Sketch out improvements you want to create in your yard or garden and make a plan with a shopping list. Gardening is hard work – so stretch beforehand and pace yourself.

  9. Remember the basics. That means sunscreen, bug spray, plenty of water, and avoiding too much heat. The sun can get you, even on a cloudy day.

  10. Stick to your sleep schedule and screen limits even if the days seem longer.

See how easy it is? And that doesn’t even count vacations, drives to the beach, or days simply exploring.

Summer rocks. Enjoy it!

And if you’d like to Hack Your Lifestyle, take our free quiz HERE.

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