March 24, 2015

This workout was no joke!

Even though it was a total of 8 minutes, I used everything I had and I was spent! I definitely felt the difference of not being able to stick to my usual workout routine during the last 3 weeks in my new position at my job. No complaints, just an eye opener of how much can change in such a short time, especially as you get older. This workout mostly kicked my cardiovascular systems’ ass! I had a hard time catching my breath and only in the last 1-2 rounds did I really start feeling the fatigue in my arms. I could not only see the pain in my face as I watched this video, but I felt it again as well. I literally had nothing left at the end and pushed as hard as I could even in those last 10 seconds…I attained failure and then collapsed to the ground. Thanks for the support, Kevin Vaughan and Steven Binns, Jr….and all the others cheering in the background.

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