January 14, 2022

This Ugly Truth Can Set You Free

Want to know a secret about exercising and eating right?


You won’t always like it. You won’t always feel motivated. In fact, especially at the beginning, you’ll search for reasons to not get off the couch and move your body.

That’s the simple, hard truth.

Here’s the power of that truth: Realistic expectations set us up for success where fantasies (“I will be motivated 100% of the time”) fail us.

Acknowledging the depth of the challenge prepares you to meet it. It helps develop weapons against the “I don’t want to” days. It gets you where you want to be over time.

Now, we’re not saying it’s always torture! On the contrary. we love working out and eating right, and we want you to enjoy it even half as much as we do 😉

Because the results that come from pushing through the hard are incredible.

That’s why we love it. We love being the kind of person who CHOOSES HARD THINGS.

The growth in every area of your life that comes from this is nothing short of incredible.

Here’s all we expect from you: Love yourself enough to try and not give up.

And of course, if you need help starting off the New Year right, comment below or complete our Coach Heather Binns Hack your Lifestyle Quiz HERE and let’s meet on a quick call to talk strategy.

Now’s the time!

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