August 31, 2022

This Concept Can Change Your Life

We’ve all heard about “passing the buck,” an expression that means a reluctance to accept responsibility. It’s often used to describe dysfunctional organizations, but it’s helpful when talking about our individual health, too.

We know people who take this as their daily approach to life. Nothing is ever their responsibility because they’re always trying to dodge blame.

  • “It’s not my fault I can’t lose the weight – it’s my genetics.”
  • “Don’t blame me because I don’t like salads.”
  • “The gym in my neighborhood closed, so what’s the point?”

Well, let’s forget about “blame” for just a moment, okay? It never creates anything helpful.

Let’s talk about “responsibility,” instead – particularly taking responsibility for ourselves. It’s necessary if we hope to begin prioritizing our efforts, acting in line with our values, and avoiding the same mistakes over and over again.

Practice these powerful, no-nonsense steps every day.

  1. Resist blaming others. Instead, when delays or problems come up, think about your own actions and what you might do differently next time.
  2. Stop constantly complaining. Look for the positive aspect of a situation and try to learn something from it.
  3. Remember to stay present every day. Write in a journal, make gratitude lists, or meditate – whatever works to keep your blessings top of mind. It’ll keep you from regretting too much of the past and worrying about what’s to come.
  4. Practice self-care. Try to eat right, exercise, get plenty of rest, and manage your stress.
  5. Pursue clear goals. Write down your aims, along with steps to reach them. Throughout the day, look for opportunities to move the needle.
  6. See “problems” as opportunities. Think creatively and positively when given a setback. What’s the best course of action that YOU can take now?
  7. Accept that unfortunate things happen. Difficulties occur. People let us down. This is just a part of life for literally everyone.
  8. Look in the mirror. You are responsible for your own happiness. No one else is – not your boss or your partner or whoever it is that messed up traffic today. Just…YOU.

Play the role of CEO in your own life and say it every day: “I’m responsible for everything in my life.”

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