September 3, 2022

The Winners + Your Impossible Dream!

First off, we want to congratulate our two Grand Prize Winners – Tyler (aka Nonie) and Ken – who won our first-ever free coaching giveaway, as we strive to give back to our community and to those in need!

Dreams do come true 😉

Here’s why you must dream your ‘Impossible’ Dream…

When you decide to eat right and exercise regularly, you’re challenging yourself in wonderful ways that will have profound benefits across your life.

You start learning step by step that you really can do difficult things, make important changes, and get the results you want.

It’s a powerful experience!

So, let’s build on it with something new – a different kind of challenge that BY DEFINITION is going to seem impossible at first.

You ready?

We want you to challenge yourself to do something you believe you can’t do.

Go ahead and start thinking of things.

Maybe you want to run your first marathon, become a plant-based chef, or learn a new language or musical instrument.

Doesn’t matter – it’s up to you. Just keep it to things within your control; winning the lottery doesn’t count LOL!

Whatever you choose, the point is to stretch yourself and to think big and grow into your desires. The process will reveal more about your abilities and values so you can strengthen positive attitudes, accomplish more, and repeat victories in other endeavors.

This is all true even if you modify your original target. The process reveals so much on its own. As we’ve all heard, success is the journey, not the destination.

You deserve that success, that trip! So, learn to celebrate the little victories…to let go of disappointments…to make adjustments along the way…

Think big and scary. Then make a plan and enlist support.

Get started and keep your eyes wide open. You can’t lose.

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