July 16, 2021

The Reason You Have Achieved Your Wellness Goals

Hey there! Coach Heather Binns here.

Over my 15 years working as a Personal Trainer/Coach, I’ve heard it all.

Everyone thinks their reasoning for not taking the action required to reach their goals is totally valid.

So today, I want to call out the #1 phrase I hear that kills people’s dreams and goals in their tracks…

It’s – “Yeah, but…”

Yeah, I’d love to get fit now, but things are just so busy I don’t have the time.

Yeah, I’d totally commit to losing the weight, but I just can’t afford it.

Yeah, my health is a priority, but I just can’t commit right now.

These thoughts and phrases destroy people’s health, happiness, confidence, and their lives.

The truth is this…

You’re not too busy…In 2021 EVERYONE is busy and busy people can be super fit.

Getting fit & healthy isn’t too expensive.

You can make yourself a priority even if your spouse doesn’t support you.

The timing will never feel perfect.

Whether you choose to act or not is up to you and ONLY you.

But I wanted to lift up the little white lies we feed ourselves all the time when we say “Yeah, but…”

The stories we tell ourselves that keep us stuck, unhealthy, and from living our best life.

No matter how true the story FEELS to you, it’s possible to take action now when you make it a priority – no excuses.

It’s never that the excuse is valid – it’s just that the goal isn’t a priority.

You’re eating anyway, so why not choose healthier options?

Why not trade your phone, computer, or TV time for a 15-20 minute workout?

It’s a hard truth to hear. It’s even harder to admit.

Trust me – I’ve been there and done that!

But once you see the excuse for what it is – a false story that keeps you stuck, you can choose different actions.

I want to challenge you today to look at a big, important goal you have in your life.

Why haven’t you achieved it yet?

What stories are holding you back?

I guarantee there’s no real reason why you can’t work toward it.

So, get after it! Now. Today.

All of this I say with love, my friend.

Recognize, own, and CHANGE your “Yeah, but…”

I’d be honored if you’d hit the comments below and share your thoughts or if this resonates with you

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