April 1, 2022

Spring Clean Your Life for Your Health

Oh, yay.

It’s time for spring cleaning.

And who doesn’t love clearing out closets and washing the baseboards? 

Seriously, though, “spring cleaning” is a great metaphor for healthy habits – and besides, have you ever wondered where the phrase came from?

Some historians say it dates back to the ancient Jewish practice of thoroughly cleansing the home in anticipation of Passover. Closer to modern times but before vacuum cleaners, people waited till it was warm enough to open the windows to do the interior dusting.

The tradition persists – or at least the phrase does. You know, we say “spring cleaning” as a metaphor for doing all kinds of big chores.

But what about applying the concept to healthy living? Can we clean out some ideas that are crowding our lives and, instead, make more room for our health?

Here are a few ideas to put some spring in your step. See which ones work for you!

  1. Go to a farmer’s market. Locally grown produce is the best, and what’s more fun than checking out the bounty to bring home?

  2. Consider if it’s time for a few replacements. Do you need new athletic shoes? A mattress? Toothbrush? It’s so easy to let these kinds of things slip.

  3. Get outside every day. Go for a walk, ride your bike, or work in your garden. Anything you like. The sunshine and fresh air work wonders.

  4. Do a literal spring cleaning of your home and car. That includes vacuuming allergens and such from the baseboards and other more rigorous cleaning than you normally do. You might even want to hire a professional team to get really down and dirty.

  5. Toss it! Go through junk drawers, makeup bags, closets, medicine cabinets, and the condiments & dressings in your refrigerator. What food or medicine needs to be thrown away? What clothes can you donate?

  6. Enjoy the sun safely. Wear sunscreen, hats, and whatever else you need to stay protected from damaging rays.

  7. Examine your habits. Watching too much TV? Doom-scrolling the Internet all night? Buying junk food at the grocery store instead of healthy snacks? Snap out of it!

  8. Build better habits. Sample a new fitness class. Start meal prepping to make sure you’re eating better at least a few days a week. Make a reading list.

Springtime is literally and symbolically a great time for freshening everything and making our lives brighter – our surroundings, our habits, and our health!

Let us help you spring clean your health! Complete the Hack your Lifestyle Quiz today and let’s have a quick chat 😉

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