September 21, 2021

Small Changes Are BIG!

It’s been a minute since I shared an update from my post-hip surgery recovery, so here you go!

Hey! This is coach Heather Binns!

Yesterday I posted on social media how I’m finally able to hold my legs off the floor in a bent position, using my core to stabilize me, without any hip pain. It was so exciting to discover that some of my strength has returned !

I attribute this “win” to my commitment of performing my physical therapy exercises once a day for 4-5 days a week during this recovery process. I know what it’s like to focus on one small habit with consistency to create bigger change, and I’m here to help you do the same!

Next Monday my free Renov8 Your Lifestyle Challenge begins in which you learn how to choose one habit of your choice to focus on each day for 5 days, allowing you to achieve and sustain your goals in the simplest, most effective way possible!

The results are real, yo! 

Join me in my free 5-day Renov8 Your Lifestyle Challenge today!

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