February 3, 2023

Self-Care Shows Love for Others, Too

Is self-care selfish?

Not at all!

But sometimes people tell us they hesitate to practice self-care because they should put others ahead of themselves. And we totally get that, but we also urge them to think a step further to see why practicing self-care is an act of love – for other people in your life, as well as for yourself.

Here’s an illustration of the point. At the beginning of every flight, the attendants tell us that, should we need them, airbags will come down from above. They show us how to strap one on.

And they say that, if you’re traveling with a child or someone else who needs special attention, PUT YOUR OWN MASK ON FIRST before helping that other person.


Because if you’re not able to take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of anyone else.

It’s the same when you practice self-care in everyday life – by exercising, eating healthy, getting plenty of rest, managing your stress, and even treating yourself sometimes.

When you do all of that consistently, you feel better. You think better. You behave better. You simply ARE better – and that extends to everyone in your life.

Consider the opposite! How do you act toward others when you’re tired, cranky, and down on yourself?

Are you helpful? Compassionate? Supportive?

We’re at our best for everyone else when we’re first at our best for ourselves.

Comment below and let us know if this resonates with you. We’d love to know 🙂

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