November 10, 2020

Secrets to Pass the 2020 Test!

This year has been a roller coaster (emotionally, financially, physically, medically, socially…) but you can still turn your life around!

There’s no need to lose hope…it’s time to THRIVE!

Here is what is NOT working (those who will be lucky to thrive)…

  • Not making yourself a priority.

  • Being passive and thinking everything will improve in your life without consciously making a change.

  • Holding on to anger and resentment and blaming everyone else.

  • Having a negative attitude (seeing the “glass half empty).

  • Constantly doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  • Listening to unqualified sources about what’s best to do.

  • Staying within your comfort zone and expecting change.

  • Thinking the world will soon come back to the way it was (waiting).

  • Haphazardly picking and choosing what to focus on each day.

  • Virtually hanging around negative individuals that bring you down.

  • Jumping on the “quick fix” bandwagon again and again only to be stuck in a vicious cycle.

  • Focusing too much on others’ problems and neglecting yourself.

Here is what IS working (those who WILL thrive)…

  • Making yourself a priority.

  • Taking action to improve your life (initiating change).

  • Being grateful for what you have and living life.

  • Staying positive and seeing the “glass half full.”

  • Thinking how you can be different and control your outcomes.

  • Listening to experts and qualified sources about options to improve.

  • Getting out of your comfort zone to elicit change.

  • Understanding that the world may never be the same again and the only thing to do is move forward (adapting and overcoming).

  • Implementing daily practices and surrounding yourself virtually with incredible humans to overfill your cup so you can pour it into others’ lives.

  • Double-down on what’s working and throw out your mindset of needing a “quick fix.”

  • Helping those you love to take action for improving their lifestyle.

  • Knowing that you deserve to happy, healthy and fit.

2020 may be a difficult year but it can still be abundant for you and your health…

In my 14+ years of experience in the health & fitness industry, I have been able to create the most fulfilled, happy and healthy lives EVER at Renov8 Fitness…even since COVID hit!

Because I do NOT give up on you!

I don’t say, “I can’t coach clients indoors, I will just wait until this is all over….”

Because if you wait it’ll never happen.

Something else will come up…there will always be excuses…

You just have to DO!

Keep living,

Keep cultivating positive habits,

Keep bringing your best effort every time (even more than before).

2020 is a TEST!

Study. Study. Study.

And you will ACE it!

Massive love to you all!!!

PS – If you haven’t joined my free 5-day challenge yet, do so HERE now so I can personalize your 5-days based upon the habit you choose to crush!

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