July 27, 2021

Remember Your Why

Everybody wants the secret to healthy living, right? Is it a pill? A protein shake? A cleanse?

As if there was actually a magic bullet or missing link!?

Here’s the secret: Remembering your why.

Look, even the Most Dedicated Human Ever is going to have days when they just don’t feel like working out, eating right, and achieving the other daily tasks they’ve has chosen to reach their goals.

So, when you’re searching for enthusiasm to take the next step, here’s what you do. You remember your why – the reason why you wanted to start this journey in the first place.

Maybe you wanted to lose weight, keep up with the kids, or compete in an event – or any number of other awesome reasons.

It doesn’t matter why. It matters only that you remember your why, if …

  • You want to reach your goal more than you want to, say, stay on the couch just cuz…

  • You want to feel better, look better and move better more than you want to revert to old habits …

  • You want the positive future you’ve chosen for yourself more than dwelling in the cave of regret…

Make a note of your primary motivation. Or write it down on a post-it note where you’ll see it every day. Include it in your daily meditation.

Just remember your WHY.

And, if you need help taking action, We’d love to speak with you to see how we can help you act on your WHY. CLICK HERE to take our free Hack Your Lifestyle Quiz and let’s chat for a quick 15 minutes!

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