Renov8 Fitness Burpee biathlon

Run + Burpees + Repeat! This event is truly for all fitness levels as we also have a modified version for those that need to walk and not do burpees, if needed. 

Absolutely anyone can participate virtually worldwide or in person in Los Angeles, California. Multiple Burpee Biathlon™ options are available, so no matter what your fitness level is, you can participate!

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Spartan Race

Call it a conscience, call it a drive, call it that renegade voice inside, but we call it Spartan. It tells us to get up in the morning with purpose. It dares us to go past our comfort zone. It’s a relentless pounding in our chests and an insatiable appetite for knowledge.

Get 20% off any Spartan Race: Kids, Sprint, City, Stadion, Super, Beast, Ultra, Endurance (HH), and Trail using this code: SGX-240231.

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Train with a purpose, celebrate your fitness! The Decathlon of Functional Fitness – is a training and testing system that will get your fitness to the next level – no matter where you start.

Get 20% off any DEKAFIT event in the US, Open Heats (not valid on gym-hosted events) using this code: SGX-240231

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