February 15, 2017

Pose, Fall, Pull…

Last month Pose Method Running Technique Specialist, Albert Lu, came to Renov8 Fitness to speak about the Pose Running Method. All in attendance loved what he shared (and learned first-hand how to improve their running form) that we asked Albert to give us the key points of his presentation so you, too, can test out a new method of running.

Pose Method Running Clinic

“We met at Renov8 Fitness on that rainy Sunday morning and we learned how to run (better)! We first went over proper body positioning and the running Pose, and then learned how we move. We move harnessing gravity to take us where we want to go. With that in mind, we did numerous drills to feel what we were doing with our bodies while in Pose, and while Falling. Equally as important, we worked on drills that reinforced the necessity to Pull our feet straight up off the ground, to directly underneath our hips when we are running. We talked about how that Pull is just a reflexive and extremely quick action; as soon as your feet make contact with the ground, it should be immediately pulled back up. We learned about the importance of spending as little time on the ground as possible (by Pulling), and as much time in the air as possible, since pain and injuries are only experienced on the ground.

We talked about applying these basic principles (Pose, Fall, Pull) to different environments and conditions (rain, mud, snow, dirt, heat, uphill, downhill, etc.), especially when under any kind of stresses. The better we can execute the basics under any circumstances shows how skilled we are with our technique.

We also were reminded that skill takes time to master, and running is no different. Learning how to read took years, where we first learned the alphabet, and we progressively learned more and more over time, until we mastered the skill of reading. The same thing goes for running. Learning the “alphabet” of running (Pose, Fall, Pull) does take time, and a significant paradigm shift from what we were doing for years before, and it will take time to progressively learn how to run faster, and longer, based on how well we are mastering this skill. Learning and practicing the skill of running is now a lifelong journey.

We ended the clinic by talking about shoes and how running with proper technique will save us hundreds of dollars over the rest of our lives, since we won’t be wearing out our shoes as much in the wrong places (like the back of the heel). Also, we won’t be buying braces, straps, etc. that only mask the underlying causes of pain and injury when running with poor technique.

Thanks for the opportunity to come and affect some positive change in your community and to shift some mindsets to help you all become more aware of what you are doing, in order to get and do better!” Albert Lu

I hope you enjoyed this recap provided by my friend and Pose Method Running Technique Specialist, Albert Lu.

Yours In Fitness,

Heather Binns

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