September 8, 2013

Our 3rd Annual Rock Your Jeans Challenge!

Lose At least Two Jean Sizes in Only 8 Weeks!


A weight scale – throw it out!

Those diet books collecting dust – throw them out!

The skinny jeans hiding in the back of your closet – pull them out!

A sexy jeans you see in the store window that you wish you could fit into – go buy them!

Now’s the time for you to bring out the REAL YOU and become the person you really want to be!!

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Find a pair of jeans that are 1-2 sizes smaller than you are now.

  2. Bring them to Full of Life Fitness.

  3. Start our Rock Your Jeans Challenge and begin a new path in changing your life…the rest of your life!

Imagine feeling fit, confident and sexy in your jeans in ONLY 8 weeks! We will give you the EXACT steps and you WILL lose two jean sizes in 8 weeks! PLUS, when your jeans fit, you’ll over $450 worth of stuff from our vendors for FREE! We will help you get what you want!

Non-members only $499 for 8 weeks!

Full of Life Fitness members only $99!

Start the challenge on September 9, 2013:

  • Includes 4 group fitness coaching sessions every week.

  • Includes weekly support emails from Heather Binns, owner of Full of Life Fitness, to keep you on-track.

  • Includes an 8-week nutrition plan and journal with nutrition recommendations, shopping lists and more to guarantee you get into your jeans.

  • Includes recipes, tips and strategies to maximize your results!!

Each participant has 8 weeks to lose two jean sizes. Participants choose any 4 group coaching sessions each week.

And for those not local, we have a virtual challenge as well!

Register for the Rock Your Jeans Challenge today and join us for our Kickoff Seminar on September 5th at 7:30pm. Bring a friend with you!

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