COURSE Training

Overcome any Obstacle

When you get custom or small group OCR training it includes running, endurance, strength and high-intensity workouts all built around your current state of conditioning.

We’ll also coach you on training/race nutrition so you can fully be prepared for your race. 

You can succeed locally or remotely with a stellar support system. We can guide every move either here in North Hollywood or virtually anywhere you please.

Immerse Yourself in Private and Semi-Private OCR Sessions.

Stay accountable with our local or remote Sessions. 

If you’re local to the Los Angeles area, you can attend “Workout w/Coach Heather” sessions, schedule a private personal training session, or if you have your own group that wants to train together you can set-up your own semi-private sessions. Periodically we also offer semi-private traiing with Team Renov8 or specific races each year.

Every session begins with active & dynamic stretching/movement prep to prevent injury and to get your body ready for the workout.

Every session involves a varied format… Some are indoors and others outdoors. OCR personal training sessions focus on obstacle training and improving skill in the below-referenced obstacles with actual practice on the obstacles at Renov8 Fitness. Some of the outdoor sessions focus on endurance/hill training with obstacle training built-in.

Every session ends with static stretching to properly cool your body down, prevent injury, and reduce muscle soreness.

We periodically offer simulated Mock Races as well so you can put your newly-learned OCR skills to the test before race day!

Racing with others? You can enhance your experience by scheduling your small group for custom OCR training as well.

No matter what, everyone gets 1-to-1 attention to the skills you need to improve the most!

Overcome Challenges That Make You Feel Like A Champion

Become The Athlete You Have Always Wanted To Be

Renov8 Fitness – Become the athlete image of a man doing exercises

Learn Excellent Technique and Form For:

Practice Your Obstacle Technique on Real Obstacles!

Gain The Support System You Deserve For A Fun & Amazing Race

  • Thorough feedback with form and technique correction
  • Varied obstacles to best prepare you for your obstacle course race
  • A high-touch and personalized experience
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Join Hundreds Of Success Stories From All Over

Renov8 Fitness is here to give you peace of mind that you’re doing exactly what you need to get the best results – for YOU.

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