March 15, 2023

New Adventures!

Accomplishing new feats is always an adventure! And it makes me proud to help my clients achieve new goals and try new things 🙂

Coach Heather Binns here… One of my nutrition clients, Courtney Kanagi, completed her first DEKA Strong this month and did an amazing job at it!! See HERE.

DEKA was created by Spartan Race and is a decathlon of functional fitness that offers four levels of of competition: DEKA Strong, DEKA Mile, and DEKA Fit and DEKA Fire.

Being a Spartan SGX Coach myself for over eight years now, and soon to be taking the DEKA certification, I am always looking for fun new ways for clients to challenge themselves and accomplish new endeavors.

I also love new challenges and plan to compete in these events myself later this year.

What’s your next adventure going to be?

Not sure? Looking for ideas?

I’d love to help suggest some for you based upon what you enjoy and want to accomplish… just reach out to me on social media, via email, or my website.

In the meantime, I have a few spots open in my Renov8 Fitness Core Strong! beta program that starts on Monday. Learn more HERE.

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