December 30, 2022

Join Us for Dry January!

Coach Heather Binns’s here… The holidays are a joyous time spent with friends and family, above and beyond what’s usual for us.

This year Steven and I are having a wonderful holiday season and now we’re prepping for our annual “Dry January!”

Would you like to join us?

Let’s face it…

Some of us have consumed more adult beverages than we usually do… me included, LOL.

So why don’t you join us for Dry January?

We do this each year to help “clean up” our bodies a bit after our 1-2 months of festivities.

In past years, I’ve even extended it for another month through the end of February, but that’s a decision I make in late January based on how I feel and what my goals are at that time.

Anyhoo, I’d love for you to join us in going alcohol-free in January!

Comment below to let me know you’re in. I’ll even send you my list of favorite non-alcoholic beverages.

Now, let’s enjoy New Year’s Eve and get rockin’ next week for Dry January!

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