January 27, 2023

Is This the Hardest Part for You, Too?

Starting something – ANYTHING – is often the hardest part.

But if you can just take action, one little first step, it gets easier.

This, friends, isn’t a self-help platitude. IT’S SCIENCE!

Remember Sir Isaac Newton? He said a body at rest tends to stay that way, and a body in motion will stay that way, too.

The point is, don’t feel bad about yourself because it’s sometimes hard to leave the house and go to the gym… or to start building a new healthy habit… or to start doing anything you REALLY want to do but can’t seem to get motivated about.

The solution is often to take one, small step. Just one. If you want to go work out, then please, start by putting on your gym clothes and your tennis shoes.

Tell yourself that’s all you must do: Just get dressed for the gym.

Then what? Well, shoot. Now you’re dressed for the gym. Might as well walk to the car, right? And then what are you going to do except start it and go somewhere… See what we’re doing here?

Seriously! It’s a simple mind trick that works wonders. It’s like how a recovering alcoholic tells herself she just has to go one day at a time without drinking – even though she knows fully well that she can’t ever do it again.

Little bites are so much more digestible than giant ones!

One action leads to another… causing momentum… and so on…

And if you need support getting started, we’re here for it… comment and let us know how we can help you 🙂

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