May 27, 2022

In Case No One Has Told You Today…

You are so amazing and powerful.

Do you realize that?

It’s true.

You can do anything you set your mind to. YOU, the person reading this right now – not just the general, royal “you.” We sincerely believe this:

  • You can create the life you want

  • You can be healthy, loved and hopeful

  • You deserve every success

And you can get it!

It will take planning, dedication, and sacrifice – but if you want it bad enough, then everything you desire is readily available to you.

You might have to shift how you think and talk about yourself.

You might have to build new habits and priorities.

You will definitely have to put in the effort sometimes when you just don’t want to – but, let’s face it, you’ve already tried the easier path, and IT DID NOT WORK.

Success will also take believing in yourself as much as you believe in anything, and we know how hard that is for some people. We’ve been conditioned to doubt ourselves or to be ashamed of our ambition.

At least, we know we was. We finally overcame those self-limiting beliefs by working on it daily. And you can too, by talking to a friend or coach, writing in your journal, or praying.

Literally: Say what you want and say you deserve it. It will help you come to believe that you do.

That’s the first step.

Because once you believe in yourself and use the power of words to send your thoughts into the universe… well, my friend, then you’re forever able to touch that cornerstone of strength when difficulties and doubts emerge.

And you can always count on this: We will believe in you even if you start to doubt yourself again.

You are so amazing and powerful.


PS – On a side note, let’s have you do something new and fun that’s for EVERY LEVEL of fitness (even newbies!) Check out our new Burpee Biathlon HERE…join the waitlist, and we’ll even help you get ready for it!

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