June 8, 2021

I Had Hip Surgery

Hello! This is Coach Heather Binns.

As a fitness coach and trainer, the wear and tear on my body is inevitable.

I’ve been an athlete almost all my life, but only since I began teaching and instructing my students at Renov8 Fitness did I pay close attention to proper form.

Anyone who has attended group, semi-private, and/or personal training sessions at Renov8 knows I am a stickler for form. It is what will help you get the most out of your exercise and prevent injury.

Now that I am one-day post-op, I am even more grateful to have the knowledge and resources to instill great form and technique to everyone I work with. My hope is that you can avoid surgery, get – and stay – in the best shape of your life, and unleash your inner athlete anytime you get your fitness on!

I will share more about my recovery journey in a few days. For now, I am going to enjoy my husband doting on me!

Have a beautiful day!

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