November 8, 2021

How Will You Savor the Season?

With less than 2 months left in 2021, are you speeding up, or slowing down?

I’m doing a little bit of both…

As some of you know, my husband, Steven, and I celebrated 10 years of marriage last year.  Our anniversary trip to Costa Rica was canceled due to the pandemic.

Bummer, right?

Well, it’s back on!  In fact, we will be eating tropical fruit and hiking to waterfalls this week!

While not as traditional as turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, this trip is how Steven and I will savor the season and practice some much-needed self-care.

Self-care.  Ahh.  Those words sometimes seem illusive to many of us with hectic schedules, right?

I preach self-care to my clients, and, full transparency – sometimes don’t take my own advice.

Here we are, close to the end of the year, and I am taking my first real LONG VACATION in many years!

As much as staying active and eating nutritious foods will help you get to and sustain your health goals, sometimes slowing down and engaging in some serious self-care can have an even bigger impact. 

If you’ve been going-going-going, I urge you to slow down and savor.  Practice self-care throughout the month of November and onward.

Much love to each of you!

Coach Heather.

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