April 30, 2021

Have You Felt This Yet?

We went for a run in the park the other day. People were out enjoying the sunshine, warmer temperatures, and just being out and about again after the restrictions of the pandemic.

It was just … a nice spring day.

It was … normal.

Well, almost. Many people still wear masks. Some businesses are closed. But for the first time since COVID-19 hit, it seemed like a nearly normal day.

We let the sun soak our face. We smiled at a cute dog. We felt so much gratitude.

It’s still too soon to say, “It’s over.” And we are not advocating we just shake it off and get on with our lives like nothing ever happened. Too many people are gone. Too many are sick and suffering. Too many are still struggling.

And yet…

We’ve all learned so much about ourselves, each other, businesses, medicine, government…  Many have lost so much and yet many have made progress. Is it a time now to reflect? To plan?

We’re getting there.

But first… We’d love to know what you’re grateful for from this last year. Let us know by commenting below👇😉

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