February 13, 2021

Happy Self-Love Day | February 13th!!

Learning to love yourself is one of the most powerful and important things you can do in life.

Your heart is your power, and when you become the source of love in your own life, it changes everything.

Your relationships, your career, your health – they all flourish when you start to love yourself. And not just in the superficial sense of self-love like watching less television. 

I’m talking about…


💖 Loving yourself to the point of waking up every morning with a heart overflowing with gratitude for all you were blessed with in life 💖

💖 Loving yourself unconditionally – quirks, flaws, mood swings, etc. 💖

💖 Loving yourself the way you hoped for someone else to one day love you…fiercely, and unafraid to show it 💖


So, for Self-Love Day (today) become mindful of how you treat yourself! Here are some ideas:


🙏🏾 Start your day writing down what you’re grateful for 🙏🏾

🥬 Make yourself a green breakfast smoothie 🥬

👟 Go outside for a walk/run 👟

❤️ Give your body what it loves ❤️

🎶 Listen to music that makes you happy 🎶

🍫 Treat yourself to a raw chocolate snack 🍫

☠️ Eliminate toxicity in your life ☠️

💌 Write yourself a love letter 💌

🌋 Make your body happy 🌋

🛁 Enjoy a bubble bath 🛁

💕 Take yourself out on a date 💕

🍽️ Make time to cook yourself a nutritious dinner full of superfoods 🍽️

🌟 Live your life with purpose 🌟


How are you going to celebrate Self-Love Day?  I’d love to know!


Spreading love and positivity!!

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