August 25, 2020

Gifts from COVID-19

At first glance, the death, devastation, and destruction in so much of the world seems like (and is) absolute tragedy.
No one wanted this.
We would wish it away if we could.
But we can’t.
And therefore, we must choose to seek the good in it.
Whether it’s more time with your family, more focus on a healthy routine, rethinking what you want for your future, using being laid off to build that business you’ve been dreaming of…
Whatever the case may be, there are amazing things that are coming from this whole experience that not one of us ever saw coming.
There are new, incredible possibilities opening for you if you choose to look for them.
For me, it’s been wonderful in many ways:

  • Spending less money on dining out, gas, travel and other things

  • Eating healthier overall with more home-cooked meals from my hubby

  • Maintaining my endurance by running 3-4 days/week

  • Inspiring more people to live a healthier lifestyle through my online coaching services

  • Appreciating the outdoors more than than I did before

  • Improving my credit score

  • Helping personal trainers/fitness coaches successfully start a business of their own

  • Accomplishing new tasks and planning ahead for some exciting ventures

  • Reorganizing the home/backyard and getting rid of unwanted items

  • And the list goes on!

And for that, I’m incredibly grateful.
Finding gratitude in everything, even the ugly things, keeps us sane and moving forward.
It’s a choice we get to make.
I’d love to hear from you on this if you’d reply and let me know 🙂

Heather Binns

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