March 10, 2023

Getting Started Is Always the Hardest Part

No matter what the goal is – no matter how large or how small – the hardest part is always starting.

Have you noticed that?

  • Starting an exercise routine? Hard!
  • Starting a diet? Hard!
  • Starting to make your way out the door… so you can go to the gym or run… Hard!

That’s because when you’re still, you naturally want to remain still. You remember this from physics, right? A body at rest wants to stay at rest!

But a body in motion? Well, that’s a different story. A body in motion wants to STAY IN MOTION.

One good move causes another… and then another… and then momentum kicks in… and you’re engaging in healthy habits before you know it.

This little physics lesson should help you get going when you’d rather stay still. See, you’re not being lazy or counterproductive. You’re simply following a basic principle of science. And you’re being human since we’re designed to seek rest as much as possible from our hunter gatherer days.

And since you know this, you can remind yourself that once you get going – once you take that initial step – that everything will then begin moving in your desired direction, toward your desired outcome, with all the same immutable force of the universe behind it.

There’s no way you can fail unless you decide to.

If you can take one little action… just START!

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