Virtual (remote and live) and in-person custom fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching catered to YOU.

STEP 1 ———  Complete our Hack Your Lifestyle Quiz and meet via Zoom to discuss your results and unique goals.

STEP 2 ———  Work with Coach Heather to create a custom solution specifically for you.

STEP 3 ———  Receive your welcome emails, custom welcome guide, and schedule your onboarding calls.

STEP 4 ———  Get setup with our private community, your personalized fitness and training schedules, your biofeedback/check-in sheet, and access to our apps.

Ready to get started?



Custom fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching personalized to fit YOU.

Ready to get STRONGER and HEALTHIER?

Ready to TRANSFORM your life?

It’s time to shatter those self-imposed glass ceilings, TOGETHER.

We weren’t meant to do life alone, so why would your health and wellness journey be any different?

Renov8 Fitness is here to provide you with a sustainable way to get you dominating life and crushing your goals!

You’re busy, you’re stressed, you’re overwhelmed.

We get it, we’ve been there too!

We know maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be A LOT, in-person AND virtually.

That’s why we created our uniquely tailored fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching programs!

We provide you with a support-driven, client-centric REAL solution that allows you to maximize your potential.

If you’re ready to commit, we’re ready to help.

Our programs AREN’T for you if:

If you are still reading and haven’t jumped ship yet.

If you are excited by the possibilities Renov8 Fitness holds for YOU.

Then it’s time to get down to WORK.

The Renov8 Fitness Method


R – Renov8 your sleep rhythms

E – Elevate your nutrition foundations

N – Navigate your hormones

O – Overhaul your stress management

V – Visualize your success

8 – 8 Core Values: Passion, commitment, integrity, teamwork, community, self-care, growth, success

The Renov8 Fitness Method is the core of your experience and success with us! Below are just a handful of examples of how we work with you:

Obstacle Course/Spartan SGX/Endurance Training


Learn how to conquer race obstacles such as wall climbing, spear throwing, traversing across Olympus, bucket/sandbag carries, monkey bars, animalistic crawls, rope climbs, conquering Twister, jumping over objects and onto boxes, hoisting heavy bags, tire flips, balance beams, keg carries and more!

Our OCR personal training is completely customized whether designed in our app just for you to do on your own remotely, or if you attend an in-person session at our facility and local parks. When you’re ready to conquer your race, we’re ready to help!

No matter where you’re located, we design your custom OCR training program, which includes running and endurance, strength, and high-intensity workouts all built around you and your current state of conditioning (Spartan DEKA included if desired). We’ll also coach you on training/race fuel so you can fully be prepared for your race. You don’t have to do this alone – we’re here to guide you every step of the way!

We also periodically offer simulated Mock Races so you can put your newly-learned OCR skills to the test before race day!

Let’s increase your strength, build your endurance, and bring out the OCR confidence within you today!

Corporate Wellness

Are you supporting your team in their efforts to live a HEALTHY lifestyle?

Are you promoting a positive workplace culture that ENCOURAGES wellness?

As teams shift into a hybrid or fully remote atmosphere, Renov8 Fitness is helping companies and employers rethink how they can take care of their employees, whether working from home or the office. Investing in your employees increases engagement, morale, and productivity.

We offer virtual Corporate Wellness programs customized to your team’s needs and your priorities. Our approach includes initiatives that make health and wellness accessible to each individual.

Your corporate wellness program is customized and designed specifically for your organization and around the platforms you use on a regular basis.

Ready to prioritize the physical, mental, and emotional health of your team?

Looking for a monthly or quarterly wellness presentation/webinar for your employees to attend? Ask about our Corporate Lunch n’ Learn sessions!

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