April 11, 2014

Full of Life Fitness 2014 New Year, New You Triumphs!

This year’s Full of Life Fitness New Year, New You Body Transformation Contest was truly inspirational. Each team built its own unique ambiance and motivational styles. Everyone successfully completed challenging workouts, improved unhealthy eating habits, and made life-long changes in mindset and attitude towards being fit and healthy. After 6 weeks of hard work and dedication the results are in!

In 3rd place, with a total loss of 12.51% body fat, is Elia Magana Ramirez, Andrea Robinson and Rosa Ramirez. Congrats!!

In 2nd place, with a total loss of 15.99% body fat, is Michelle Lima, Ronald Ivy and Yanira Lima. Congrats!!

And this year’s New Year, New You Body Transformation Contest Winners with a total loss of 17.54% body fat, is Hayden Soria (not pictured), Jasmine Lima and Daniel Coronel. Congrats!!

And, we can’t forget the overall individual winner that lost the most body fat percentage in this 6-week contest = Elia Magana Ramirez (11.32%). Congrats Elia!

Now even though there can be only one winning team, absolutely everyone in this contest is a winner! Each team member spent the past 6 weeks paying more attention the their eating habits, adding workouts to each week, creating a confident and successful attitude, and accomplishing a goal that is nothing short of incredible! I am so proud of each an every New Year, New You contestant and truly proud to have led everyone on this incredible journey toward a more fit and healthier lifestyle!

Now I present to you the Full of Life Fitness 2014 New Year, New You Body Transformation Contestants: Rosa Ramirez, Michelle Lima, Andrea Robinson, Jasmine Lima, Dawn Herbert, Elia Magana Ramirez, Ronald Ivy, Yanira Lima and Daniel Coronel, Shireen Lalwani, Hayden Soria and Madison Bales.

A BIG THANK YOU to Fabletics for donating gift cards to the 2014 New Year, New You Body Transformation Contest. The Fabletics gift card winners were Jasmine Lima and Elia Magana Ramirez. Congrats ladies!

Both contestants and FOLF members joined us in celebrating everyone’s success at our New Year, New You Finale Party on April 9, 2014. At the end of the evening we held a raffle and our lucky raffle winners were Daniel Coronel, Ronald Ivy, Lynette Garcia and Yanira Lima!

I now invite you to read the New Year, New You Contestant comments below.

“I won’t forget the day that I was able to wear a button-up shirt that I have not been able to wear in over two years.”

“I am very thankful for this challenge, it got me revved-up again to continue to exercise and eat healthy because that’s when I feel my best! THANK YOU HEATHER!”

“Once I joined Full of Life Fitness I noticed a major change within 2 weeks. I felt better about myself, I started to lose inches, and gain muscle.”

“Overall, working with Heather has put me back onto a healthy track and lifestyle. Thanks Heather!”

“I’m glad to say I enjoyed the experience and learned countless lessons from Heather’s training. She created a comfortable environment to work in and was really encouraging to everyone during the workouts.”

“Doing my training and completing the New Year, New You Body transformation made a huge difference.”

“I’ve seen great results. I have lost a lot of inches from the side of my stomach. My face and arms look slimmer. I can honestly say I feel more comfortable now with my body and myself. I don’t have a muffin top anymore or struggle to button up my pants.”

“My experience at FOLF was fascinating; it helped me to accomplish what I’ve been needing to do for a while and achieving my goal to be fit.”

“I am so happy I joined this challenge. It made me jump back into eating the way I should and want to be eating with a plan that is 100% doable.”

“If I had to do it again I would. It’s worth every sore muscle.”

“Heather Binns, the founder and trainer of FOLF, helped me a great deal in achieving my goal. Thank you Heather!!”

“After only 6 weeks, I see actual gains! I’ve lost some of that annoying fat and strengthened my shoulders and wrists, areas I’ve had problems with since high school.”

“I learned that 45 minutes a day, 3 to 4 times a week, really does make a difference.”

“The results have improved my performance drastically. I feel better, I feel stronger, faster, lighter even.”

“The metabolic classes mixed with the total body strength added-in with keeping track of all healthy and unhealthy eating habits using the food journal as a great way to observe results and track positive changes in my healthy living habits.”

“New Year New ME…Luckily Heather continues to train me in the path to a better and healthier me.”

“My experience with NYNY was positive…I would recommend this.”

“I have never kept track of any weight loss I have done in the past, but in seeing the results, I can honestly say I’m more than satisfied.”

“The six week process was tough but rewarding with the results I saw over time. I enjoyed the atmosphere working out here and looking forward to working with Heather more in the future.”

“I will continue with my ‘living happy and healthy journey’ with FOLF and my new found FOLF comrades.”

“I manage what I eat very well now, and it’s something that I have become so accustomed t that it simply is a part of my life now.”

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