October 6, 2021

First Run Since Surgery!

Coach Heather Binns’s hip surgery update!

Our girl is fully back on her feet! She’ve been cleared to run – a week ahead of time #overachiever

Let’s talk about what she feels like to run again after a 4-month hiatus with diminished muscle mass and strength in her hip…

  • What was interesting is that the first day she ran, which was this past Saturday, she just started taking steps. The first 100 meters or so was no big deal. It was like riding a bike; didn’t even feel like she had ever stopped running.

  • But then it started to hit her… the slight pain in her left shin. Like shin splints.

  • She thought to herself, “I just want to get a half-mile in without stopping.”

  • So she did and stretched again + more mobility. Then she ran another half mile back to my car.

  • She was breathing HEAVY – mouth open, heart rate up to 175, just feeling like she was doing something so much more strenuous than a simple 1-mile run.

What does this mean? Well, that her endurance is low, her cardiorespiratory system needs a lot of work, and that she need to work on building her strength back up.

The experience was humbling because, as an athlete who focused on training and getting into great shape pre-surgery so she could recover faster post-surgery, she definitely didn’t expect to feel so out of shape with her first run.

But here she is, working to get back to better than her pre-surgery shape so that she can race again.

Where are you at right now? Are you loving the shape you’re in? Working on regaining your fitness? Just getting started?

Wherever it is, we’re cheering for you.

And if you need a little more than a cheer – like personal accountability, a solid plan, and unlimited support, let’s talk. No pressure, just want to serve you in doing whatever it takes to find your athlete within.

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