June 30, 2023

Finally Open For Registration!!!

Coach Heather Binns’ here… During the pandemic in 2020 I had an idea, and that idea officially came to life last year in 2022.

Now, in 2023, I’d like to introduce you to my 2nd annual Renov8 Fitness Burpee BiathlonTM!

Yes, I love to run, and I also “love” burpees… So why not combine them (or a modification) for a fun and challenging event that can be done at ANY FITNESS LEVEL?

I tested my concept on some clients for a couple years and then officially opened the Burpee BiathlonTM to the public last year for our inaugural event – and everyone loved it!

So today, I am proud to announce that registration is finally open for our virtual and in person Burpee BiathlonTM!!

If you’re interested in learning more and seeing photos/videos from our past years, please check out our brand-new website at www.BurpeeBiathlon.com and be one of the first to secure your spot.

Our in person event is limited to 30 people and will be held in North Hollywood, CA on Saturday, September 9, 2023.

If you prefer to do this event anywhere else in the world, you can register for our virtual event.

So don’t wait and register today at www.BurpeeBiathlon.com. Your registration includes a very special eco-friendly, hand-painted Burpee Biathlon™ finisher’s medal 🙂

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