May 12, 2020

Fighting for the Stories That Keep Us Small

One of the things I’m most proud of – both in my personal choices and in how I have been able to impact clients in my career – is getting them out of the stories that cause us to play small.

You see, we stay small because it’s comfortable.

It’s the known.

We say we want more.

Sometimes we even speak it out loud…

But most often dreams are never brought to fruition because they’re terrifying.

What lifelong stories and beliefs will we have to let go of to become who we need to be to have that exceptional life we dream of?

So, often we fight back against the dream.

We make excuses with phrases like…

💔 “I can’t because…”

💔 “I would, but…”

💔 “When the time is better, then I will…”

💔 “When I have more money, then I’ll invest in my making it happen…”

💔 “It just doesn’t make sense/isn’t possible right now…”

The list could go on.

I’ve heard these phrases uttered by clients literally thousands of times.

And they’re lies.

They show up to make you believe the story of why you should play it safe, why you should stay small.

The truth is, to move forward and create the life of your dreams, you have to be able to recognize these stories and fight back against them.

You have to be willing to take risks and do what’s wildly out of your comfort zone.

Or you’re guaranteed to stay small.

Can you think of a time where your story was keeping you small and you fought for it anyway?

Would love for you to share!

Heather Binns

PS – Reply to this email and let’s get you out of your comfort zone by scheduling an online Strategy Session with me…I am here to help 🙂

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