August 21, 2020

Do You Make This Fatal Mistake?

When it comes to health, fitness and wellness, there’s no one size fits all despite what the many gurus want you to believe.
At the end of the day, finding a methodology that will work for you long-term is absolutely key.
But there’s a very common fatal mistake many people make when it comes to finding a long-term eating and fitness strategy…
They get distracted by flashy new ideas.
They become program hoppers always in search of more, of better.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t do some testing and find what works for you.
Not at all.
But I see program hoppers continuing to hop around because they never give anything their all.
They might give it 30, 50, or even 80%, but never 100% before they decide something’s not for them.
Because Beth started selling protein shakes that’ll instantly take 3 inches off your waist.
Or because Bob found a miracle in cabbage.
And suddenly the plan changes instead of giving it enough time to work for you.
So, my advice to you is to find something that gets you results supported by an experienced coach so that you don’t keep running on that hamster wheel of program hopping.
And if you’re guilty of program hopping and you’re tired of spinning your wheels, let’s talk. Hit reply and let me know, and I’ll take it from there.
Heather Binns

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