Our fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching programs are custom-designed for you based on your unique biology. We utilize personal assessments in our initial Body Blueprint along with detailed input from you in our client onboarding process.

Thereafter, we custom-design your program and adjust it as needed so it aligns with your daily needs. So, without getting to know more about you, your goals, your struggles, and your desires, we are unable to know how much you will need to invest in your program.

As you and your lifestyle change, your program changes along with you. No need to fit your lifestyle into a cookie-cutter program. You’ll have unlimited communication with your coach, and will have a special biofeedback monitoring system designed specifically for you!

What we can say is that your health is very important to us, as we know it is to you. The knowledge and expertise of our coaches is not taken lightly, and our prices do reflect that. So, expect to invest at least $550/month into your health & fitness with us.

No, we coach clients worldwide remotely via our app and online systems, live online via Zoom, and in person if you are local to us in North Hollywood, California, USA.

We do work with some clients only on their fitness or only on their nutrition & lifestyle, however, to see the greatest results for the rest of your life, we recommend improving all three (fitness, nutrition & lifestyle).

Additionally, your custom program is designed specifically to you, your desires, and any changes that occur in your life along the way. You do not need to try and fit your life into a generic, cookie-cutter program.

Depending upon what’s most convenient for you, communication can be done via our app, your Google check-in sheet, text message, email, and phone.

If you choose to have access to our fitness coaching sessions live online or in person, you get to choose the type of workout you want to do in each session such as:

  • Your custom-designed personal training workouts

  • Strength/resistance training

  • High intensity training

  • Cardio & strength training

  • Recovery & mobility work

We also offer periodic Kettlebell training sessions along with special pop-up workouts as well for fun and camaraderie.

If you are specifically looking for 1-on-1 private training or custom semi-private OCR training sessions for you and/or your group of friends, please contact us HERE.

Yes, we offer a handful of sessions each week that you can choose to attend live online via Zoom or in person if you are local to us in North Hollywood, California, USA. You also have the flexibility of using your custom-designed fitness program any time you choose at your convenience using our app.

You are not required to own any fitness equipment, as your body weight and homemade fitness tools work very well.

However, we understand that you want to make the most of your custom fitness program, so we do recommend the following items to maximize your training at home: Workout/yoga mat, resistance bands with handles, light/med/heavy dumbbells, a 25lb Kettlebell, a 15lb slam ball, and a jump rope.

However, you do not need to have any of these items to be successful, as your body is a machine. These items will provide much more variety to your workouts and make them more fun if you are willing to invest anywhere from $25-$100 in fitness equipment! Click HERE to see what we recommend.


No (see the answer for question #7)

No, we do not believe in complete restriction as it is not sustainable for lifelong happiness unless needed for medical reasons by your doctor. Our goal is to educate you and empower you, to live a limitless life the way you enjoy it best, while using moderation to maintain your desired health & fitness.

Not if you don’t want to! We have numerous ways for you to be successful in the journey that will work best for you and your lifestyle.

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