October 27, 2023

The Benefits of Fall Hiking to Optimize Fitness

Last weekend my husband and I went hiking at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas. I also did an extra hike up Lone Mountain as well. It was beautiful, challenging, and I loved it!

The fall scenery is beyond breathtaking but let me tell you a little secret. Hiking during this season is not just about enjoying the beauty of changing leaves. It’s like a secret treasure chest of fitness waiting to be discovered!

So, imagine this: You, your friends or some well-deserved “me time,” and the great outdoors. Ready to see why fall hiking is an absolute blessing for your well-being? Let’s dive in:


      1. Extra Calories Burned. Hiking on uneven terrain engages more muscles than walking on a flat trail (or that treadmill). Stepping over rocks, roots and other obstacles is great for your balance and posture. And guess what? A moderately paced hike can smoke 300 to 500 calories per hour.

      1. Mental Health Boost. The peacefulness of the magnificent outdoors can’t be ignored. It’s a powerful mood booster and stress reliever.

      1. Cardio Endurance. I like hiking because I get my heart pumping almost as an afterthought. I’m not out there hiking so I’ll strengthen my heart and lungs. It just happens that way!

      1. Build Those Leg Muscles. Your quadriceps, hamstrings and calves do the most work, toning and strengthening with every step. Plus, your core gets a workout you can’t imagine.

      1. Build Your Upper Body. Add a pair of trekking poles or carry a backpack to add resistance work for your arms, shoulders and back (core included).

    Are you ready to hit the trails yet? There’s no better time than right now – literally. Mother nature is doing everything she can to get you out there.

    Let’s go! To see if fitness coaching, endurance coaching, nutrition & lifestyle coaching, performance coaching, or any combination of these is right for you, I invite you to apply HERE today so you can start working towards your goals before 2023 ends (we have less than 3 months to go)!

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