January 20, 2023

Daily Habits Lead to Big Outcomes

We’ve all heard the old saying, “A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.”

But why is it so hard to remember it when pursuing positive health changes and outcomes?

Maybe because we’re brainwashed by marketers to believe in quick, miracle fixes for everything – instant weight loss, spot reductions, and more.

Sorry, but ancient sayings persist for a good reason: They’re true!

So, the secret to making big, positive changes isn’t instant gratification.

It’s making small changes to create new daily habits.

The philosophy made a huge best-seller of the book “Atomic Habits,” which suggests we make molecular change at first, then add to it more and more, and repeat this until a new, positive behavior becomes ingrained in our life.

It’s the ages-old idea of delayed gratification: If I make this small sacrifice today, I will be really, really happy about it later.

  • If I save 10 percent of my paycheck, I’ll have money when it’s time to retire.

  • If I reduce my number of junk snacks by, say, one for the first week, then I’ll have cut them all in no time.

  • If I lift a small weight to start out, and then keep lifting it until I’m stronger, I can add more weight later… and repeat the process until I’m as strong and lean as I like.

So, as 2023 begins, keep in mind this super-wise advice to start small, make progress one step at a time… be consistent… be patient… and you will BE SUCCESSFUL in whatever you pursue.

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