February 11, 2022

Caring for Your Health and Fitness as an Act of Self-Love

There are many reasons to exercise, eat right, and lead a healthy lifestyle, right?

It’s better for our health.

We feel better, look better, and move better.

It helps ensure we’ll remain able to care for our loved ones and enjoy life.

And what’s at the root of all those and other reasons to practice health & fitness?

It’s self-love.


Because if you can’t love yourself, you won’t be able to love anyone else.

If you don’t care about yourself enough to take care of your health, then you’re not as able to care for another.

Think about that.

It’s why the flight attendants tell us to put on our oxygen masks first before helping anyone else. If you’re not breathing properly, then you won’t be able to help someone else.

You see, self-love isn’t selfish. Just the opposite. It’s taking simple steps to express love and gratitude for the amazing body, mind, spirit and LIFE that you have. To improve your capacity to do, to give, and to love. To be the kind of person you want to be for yourself, and a role model for others.

So, yeah, love yourself all the way to health & fitness.

The world needs your best you 🙂

PS – Check out Coach Heather Binns’s live video from yesterday HERE.

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