November 16, 2021

Avoid “Meal Math”

I am having so much fun on vacation with my husband in Costa Rica! It’s truly beautiful here.

The weather is great, the resorts are wonderful, the people are friendly, the surroundings are beautiful, the excursions are fun, and the food is fabulous!

One thing I told myself before I left was that I was not going to stress about my enjoyment on this trip, especially my food & drink. What’s surprising, though, is that I thought I was going to eat a bit more “unhealthy” because of being on vacation, but that’s not the case.

The food is natural, fresh, flavorful, and because I have been practicing balanced eating habits for years now, it’s carried over into my vacation…I’m choosing well and eating “balanced” instinctively, and that makes me so happy!

As I sit in the thermal hot springs of my resort, I had the urge to share this with you.

It doesn’t take perfection to succeed, it takes consistency and persistence.

For example with eating, think about these tips to avoid meal math:

  1. Don’t worry about calories, just eat real food.

  2. Mind your portions: Have little bits of things instead of ALL the things.

  3. Eat off of a smaller plate.

  4. Have veggies take up half of your plate.

  5. Keep it simple: Focus on protein and veggies.

  6. Fill-up your plate once.

Enjoy what you eat and take small steps towards big goals.

I am!

Thinking of you from Costa Rica, coach Heather Binns.

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