August 31, 2017

Are You Up for the Challenge? – The S2S Challenge?

Most people workout just to workout, and there’s nothing wrong with that, if you’re not interested in specific results. But we like setting goals be it weight loss, gaining strength, or what have you – and actually helping our clients achieve their goals. We’re fanatical about delivering results!

Many of our clients have come to us after working out at big box gyms, trying random weight loss programs, and working with other personal trainers with little to no results. Frankly, we pride ourselves on the results we deliver to our clients. I guess you could say that we create fitness and fat loss programs that produce results, and that our clients stick to!

That’s a BIG deal…creating workout programs that are challenging enough to create change, but fun and motivating so you’ll stay with it long-term. Well, we’ve created what we considered our best challenge yet.

We call it the S2S Challenge (Shed 2 Sizes Challenge) and its fat loss-driven nutrition and workout program (not a diet – we HATE diets) are designed to get you down at least two jean sizes in only six weeks.

Let’s say that again…We’ve figured out how to help you lose at least 1-2 jean sizes in only six weeks without having to starve yourself or having to work out seven days a week. Don’t get us wrong, our S2S Challenge, does require you to train, and you’ll train hard, but only 3-4 times per week. And, as we said before, there’s no dieting or starvation involved…just healthy, sensible eating. We’ll give you a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid so you’ll get maximum fat burn from this program. This program isn’t just about losing inches and weight either…It’s about getting toned and defined in your arms, legs, and midsection too!

Here’s the How S2S Challenge Works:
It’s a six-week fat loss and fitness program designed to melt away at least 1-2 jean sizes.
The workouts take place at our private fitness center under the watchful eye of certified Fitness Coaches.
Every workout is designed to provide you with the coveted “afterburn” effect, which is a state of having an elevated metabolism for well over 20 hours after you’ve worked out (the afterburn is the real reason you’ll burn maximum fat).
And to help you get the most out of this six-week program, we’re going to give you a nutrition plan to follow.
Basically you’ll just follow the nutrition plan and see that you’re no longer bloated, and you’ll know that the foods you’re eating are helping you to burn maximum amounts of fat. And as always, you’re going to have tons of motivation and accountability because that’s our secret ingredient. Well, that and our awesome ability to help you burn fat and tone-up fast.


We’re having a Kickoff Seminar on September 14th at 7:30pm and YOU’RE INVITED! Then you get to go shopping and buy yourself a new pair of jeans BUT, they must be 1-2 sizes too small for you (there’s a method to our madness here…motivation!).

You’re going to bring your new jeans, or an old favorite pair, to us on or before the first day of the challenge and we’re going to hang onto them for you. At the end of the six-weeks you’ll have lost at least 1-2 jean sizes and you’ll comfortably fit into your new jeans, AND…

We will be hosting a S2S Finale Party where you can sport your new jeans or outfit and receive gift certificates from our S2S Challenge sponsors (see below) and other great prizes!

We’ve created a really fun, motivating, and high-energy program to help you drop at least 1-2 sizes in six-weeks. Best of all, this program is for any fitness level…whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been working out for a long time, this program will work for you because it’s customized for your fitness level.

The S2S Challenge starts on Saturday, September 16th.

All you need to do now is…

  1. Click HERE to register or call us at 818.925.LIFE (5433) to reserve your spot for our Kickoff Seminar on September 14th at 7:30pm.
  1. Go shopping for a pair of jeans that you really like or find that old favorite pair, but make sure they’re 1-2 sizes too small.

  2. Bring your jeans with you to your first appointment at Renov8 Fitness so we can hang onto them for you and use them as a motivational tool to inspire you over the next six weeks. Okay, be sure to reserve your spot ASAP as space is limited in this challenge.

See you in the gym!

Yours in Fitness,

Heather Binns

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