August 27, 2021

Are You Spinning Your Wheels on Your Peloton?

Have you joined the Peloton craze? If so, I get the appeal!

Hey! This is coach Heather Binns!

In September of last year, CNN reported that Peloton sales had increased a whopping 172%! Heart-pumping classes, energetic instructors, great music – and all from the comfort of your own home.

Not to mention, there’s a virtual community aspect of Peloton, and many of us are yearning for connection.

When it comes to fat loss and body composition goals, unfortunately, many times Peloton riders are spinning their wheels.

Here’s why:

When you do the same motions over and over again – like riding a stationary bike for an hour – your body becomes efficient at it, so will eventually burn fewer calories as it adapts to the motion. Doing those same movements also causes musculoskeletal imbalances and overcompensation (I bet one leg is stronger than the other, right?) These will lead to other problems in the body.

It’s not just Peloton; the same concept goes for any type of training – especially endurance training such as walking, running, cycling, etc.

Even sitting at a desk all day and typing falls into the repetitive movement category. The overuse of your wrists and knuckles can cause imbalances, injuries, and other issues.

When we look at the big picture of our health, we consider things like body fat percentage, strength, and mobility. In order to achieve this “holy trinity” of physical health, it’s important to combine strength training with endurance training (what many call “cardio”).

Don’t get me wrong, I love endurance training like many others do – I’m a trail runner, triathlete (swim/bike/run), obstacle course racer – I just make sure that I also strength training to keep myself strong, fit, and toned (more of a balance)…and I love having muscle definition, especially in my arms and back!

Stop just spinning your wheels and lift some weights! And if you want to make sure you are training in a way that keeps you safe while sustainably achieving your goals, I’ve got just the thing for you either virtually, in person, or remotely at Renov8 Fitness!

PS – Want to go deeper in understanding your unique body’s needs? Click HERE to take my Hack Your Lifestyle quiz!

Cheers to your whole-body health!

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